• CoolBase Tips#3 – <span> Creating Tempo and Grid from Live Performance <sp>

    CoolBase Tips#3 – <span> Creating Tempo and Grid from Live Performance <sp>

    If you always wanted to do the magic of transforming your free MIDI live performance in a real grid, so you can quantize other layers and new instruments to it - while keeping the tempo changes - this is the right place to learn how to do this trick! Ok, let's go straight to the […]Read More »
  • Kontakt Instrument – <span> Perc Violin<sp>

    Kontakt Instrument – <span> Perc Violin<sp>

    Here is a free Kontakt instrument using a violin and a screwdriver      Once in a while I dive in the world of building a virtual instrument using Kontakt. It's been a long learning curve (mainly because after some time I forget most of what I've learned), since I started experimenting with some scripting. […]Read More »
  • Coolbase Tips#2 – <span> Working with Video<sp>

    Coolbase Tips#2 – <span> Working with Video<sp>

    In this article I write about the basics of working with a video inside Cubase. Setting markers, audio extracted from video with voice-over/FX/foley, tracks modes (musical vs linear), tempo changes, bar-offset and display offset, frame rate and more. > Importing and frame rate #1 - The first step is importing or dragging a video file […]Read More »
  • Coolbase Tips#1 – <span> Coloring tracks&parts <sp>

    Coolbase Tips#1 – <span> Coloring tracks&parts <sp>

    There are some cool tricks to colorize a track in Cubase. In this article, you'll find them out and also a solution for a possible issue.   #1 - You can change the color of a track by positioning the mouse pointer over the color area (1a) of it and then holding Shift, Alt or […]Read More »

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