CoolBase Tips#3 – Creating Tempo and Grid from Live Performance

If you always wanted to do the magic of transforming your free MIDI live performance in a real grid, so you can quantize other layers and new instruments to it - while keeping the tempo changes - this is the right place to learn how to do this trick!

Ok, let's go straight to the point using an example, following these steps:

  • #1 - After playing and recording your live performance, make sure your MIDI or Instrument Track time base is set to Linear - by default any track created is set to Musical Mode . Click on it to toggle the mode to Linear. This icon  should appear in the track controls, as shown below:

  • #2 - Now, open the key-editor to select some notes. It's important to choose only those that are the beat of your playing (i.e 4th). You can experiment with other resolutions (from 2 Bar to 1/8), depending on how fast or how slow is the passage. In my example I'm selecting the notes to be the 1/4 division of a bar: (hold Shift and click the note to select multiple events)

  • #3 - Go to the MIDI menu > Functions > Merge Tempo from Tapping


  • #4 - In the following popup menu, choose the resolution of the selected notes. Also, make sure to check the "Begin at Bar Start" box.

  • #5 - Done! And here is the result: grid and tempo were set according to the selected notes!


Don't forget to toggle back to Musical Mode  if you wish to fine tune the tempo map. You can also use this technique to tap tempo before start composing, instead of trying to guess what's the tempo you have in mind for that great piece of music you're about to write.

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