Kontakt Instrument – Perc Violin

Here is a free Kontakt instrument using a violin and a screwdriver

     Once in a while I dive in the world of building a virtual instrument using Kontakt. It's been a long learning curve (mainly because after some time I forget most of what I've learned), since I started experimenting with some scripting. Being also a Math person, it's quite nice exploring the mechanisms of software programming. At this time, I was playing around with my violin and decided to check the sound produced by hitting the strings with a screwdriver. I quite liked it and thought why not putting it into a virtual instrument?

     The result is this simple sampled version of my experimentation. I recorded 4 strikes per string with 2 different dynamics (hard and soft) using a Zoom H2N microphone (XY pattern). I had to edit the recordings using iZotope RX6 Standard, cleaning some room noises and hummings. I ended up with only 16 samples, and it was nice using Cubase mixdown new feature to export audio files based on cycle markers. Pretty handy when preparing the sample names to be auto-mapped inside Kontakt.

     As the sound was too dry and with a short sustain I decided to create a longer layer using part of one sample and applying a long reverb tail (with SoundToys Little Plate) - thanks to Christian Henson for this tip in one of his youtube vlogs. The edited sample was spread along the whole blue keyboard area of the instrument. Its volume can be controlled using CC11. Also, it was interesting putting a tone color modulation into the sound using a Kontakt built-in bandpass filter: it's assigned to CC1.

     If you're not too familiar with Kontakt, you can reset some GUI controls using Ctrl/Cmd+Left Click. GUI on this one is not that fancy, but it has some cool functionalities as well as pretty cool sounding.

     Hope you enjoy this little musical toy.

     Get it here: Perc Violin Download

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