Coolbase Tips#1 – Coloring tracks&parts

There are some cool tricks to colorize a track in Cubase. In this article, you'll find them out and also a solution for a possible issue.


  • #1 - You can change the color of a track by positioning the mouse pointer over the color area (1a) of it and then holding Shift, Alt or Ctrl key use the mouse scroll wheel.
    It works anywhere in the inspector section too, where the color of the track appears (1b and 1c).

    P.S: by holding Ctrl (Cmd) and clicking the track color area (1a), Cubase shows an horizontal palette of the default colors to choose from.


  • #2 - Under Preferences -> Event Display -> Tracks there is a fader which controls the amount of the color applied to the whole track.


  • #3 - Parts or Events automatically get the track color selected. If you change their color using the Color Tool  or from Color Menu   the event no longer follows the track color, even if dragged to another track. In order to have an event or part following track color you must set the target color as Default, from Color Menu .

  Thanks for reading this article. And as a gift, if you'd like to have more than the Cubase default colors (included in the Color Palette project), I'm attaching a link to a cpr project file with a huge palette to choose (137 new colors).
Just open the project, then go to Project Colors, last option under Color Menu . Click in Options dropdown menu and select Save Current Settings as Program Defaults. Now you can use it in any of your projects. Whenever you decide to have the factory palette again, choose the Reset Current Set to Factory Settings.


Download it here: Cubase Color Palette
P.S: It works with any previous versions of Cubase.

Colors Preview (137 new colors)

If you want your friends to know more about Cubase, feel free to share 😉

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